My recent post, Posthumous, must have struck a little too close to home for the church administration. Less than 1 hour after publishing it, my Facebook account was deactivated thanks to the efforts of HActiv. As I work to restore my Facebook account, I will take this action by the church as verification that my prediction about the church’s intention to create their own version of Catholic indulgences as accurate, since the only way they could respond to it was by trying to censor me.



The church is planning to expel Sister Jovita Nova posthumously this weekend. The 80 year-old deaconess was a pioneer in the San Antonio locale who served both God and the church faithfully until the end of her life. The fact that the church is planning to expel her after her death indicates that they no longer understand or follow the instructions written in the Bible regarding death:
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This Sunday, we will once again be celebrating Mother’s Day here in the west. As it was last year, we members of the Church of Christ are being instructed not to take part in the one day each year in which our whole society comes together to follow the biblical commandment of “Honoring your mother” (Exodus 20:12, Deuteronomy 5:16, Matthew 15:3-9, Luke 18:20, Ephesians 6:2-3, etc.). Why is this? According to Brother Louie Cayabyab’s excellent and heartfelt post, this instruction originated with a letter from Radel G. Cortez just over a year ago. However, the explanation of some overzealous ministers that Mother’s Day has pagan origins simply does not hold water. As Brother Cayabyab points out, the celebration of New Years on January 1st has a more direct pagan lineage than does Mother’s Day. In addition, Ka Erdy specifically encouraged the church to celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in order to strengthen family ties.
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