Obey Who? [Guest Post]

One of my readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent me the following essay which I am happy to share here with you. If you feel inspired to write as well, but you are not yet confident in your own OpSec, feel free to get in touch with me (see my FAQ for ways to do that securely). Depending on the feedback I get, I may make “guest posts” a regular part of this blog.

Brother Manny

Obey Who?

You’ve heard it, right?
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Circular [Reexamine Series]

Lesson 2: The True God

Theme: The true God who should be known and worshipped according to the Bible is the Father who created all things

In this lesson, the Bible is used to show the fallacy of the doctrine of the Trinity. Since the vast majority of converts to the Church have historically been Trinitarian Christians (predominantly Catholics), this is a logical place to start. It also ties in nicely with the last verses of Lesson 1 warning against the addition of new doctrines not in the Bible (1Cor 4:6, Rev 22:18-19). To paraphrase the lesson:

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Over the weekend, I was saddened to find Brother Nico’s site deleted and this article on INC Reflections about the likely reason why.

According to Benito Affleck’s post, the case against Regalado Delos Reyes was dismissed on June 14th. However, INC attorney Rommel San Pedro now appears to be on a fishing expedition, using this invalid subpoena to find the identities of some of the defenders. I am happy that this frivolous case was thrown out, but there’s nothing to stop the INC from trying this same tactic again. Hence, this blog post…
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It has been many years now since I last participated in the doctrinal lessons of the Church (and longer still since I was going through indoctrination myself and listening to those lessons for the first time). At the time of my indoctrination, I was encouraged to “ask questions” and to “examine my faith” as I prepared for baptism. Given all that has happened in the past year, I have decided to review the lessons which form the basis of my membership within the Church of Christ in the light of all that has happened recently. Fortunately, I took detailed notes during my indoctrination and, more recently, I was granted access to a copy of The Fundamental Beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo by one of the ministers in my district so that I could fill in some of the gaps that I had and also to verify that I do not have any errors or omissions in my notes. It is with this basis that I begin the first part of this series reexamining the Fundamental Teachings of the Church of Christ in light of recent events.
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