I am a member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo in Tagalog) living in the United States. I became disgusted by the actions of the current church administration upon learning about the treatment of the widow of our beloved former executive minister, Eraño G. Manalo (Ka Erdy). Since then, I have remained an active member within my locale, but have continued to learn about the evil which is growing within the church as it has morphed from a righteous, Christian church into a destructive personality cult.

At first, I hoped that this change in focus and direction would be short-lived, but it has become clear over the past many months that this is the new direction of the church. Therefore, I have chosen to become more vocal online to express my support of the other defenders of the true church.

Like many defenders, I use a pseudonym to hide my real identity. I know that many loyal members of the Cult of EVM will claim that I should not be listened to because I am hiding behind an alias. However, if I were to use my real name, I would be immediately expelled and then they would claim that I should not be listened to because I am not a member. So, whether or not I use my real name really doesn’t matter.

Personally, the one and only reason that I do not use my real name is because not only would I be expelled, but my entire family (including my elderly mother) would be punished and removed from their duties (if not expelled as well). I strongly disagree with this administration’s practice of punishing children for the actions of their parents and parents for the actions of their adult children, but I understand that this is the current state of the church – despite the fact that it goes against a number of verses and the teachings of our previous executive ministers.